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  • Provides 150mg silica and 1g (1000mg) of Fallopia multiflora (Phytofol®) per tablet
  • Each tablet also provides 5mg of biotin, which may help strengthen soft or brittle nails and maintain the strength and condition of the hair
  • Contains zinc, which may help maintain hair's condition and strength, plus help manage minor hair loss when it’s associated with inadequate dietary zinc intake
  • Zinc may also help maintain the strength, condition and thickness of the nails, and is required for skin repair and healing
  • Combines zinc and vitamin C to support the healthy formation and repair of collagen and connective tissue
  • Provides antioxidant nutrients to help protect against free radical damage, which in turn, may contribute to the ageing process
  • Suitable for men, women and children aged six years old and above
  • Suitable for use in conjunction with Fusion Hair Tonic